Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Larry King Interviews

Larry King Transcript

When I can get a copy of that SNL skit about the transpeople that aired March 4, 2006 I'll put it up, but until then, take a gander at this--Larry's interview with T.J. (Jourian) and some other folks.

Larry King is obviously an idiot. Here's an exerpt, one of my favorite moments.

KING: T.J. Jourian, when did you start to have different feelings?

T.J. JOURIAN, TRANSMALE: Well that was pretty much early on. I knew I was a boy as young as three-years-old. But I didn't really start questioning my gender until I was in college and around the age of 20. So it's only been about four years now that I've really started identifying as a transmale.

KING: Transmale meaning you want to be a woman?

JOURIAN: No, transmale is another term for female to male, so transmale would be wanting to transition into a male identity. KING: Wait a minute. Are you a girl?

JOURIAN: I was born in a female body. I wish to transition to a male one.

KING: But you look like a male.

JOURIAN: Yes, because I guess I am one.

KING: But you look like a male and you sound like a male.

JOURIAN: Well, that term is actually called passing. I pass pretty well for someone who hasn't gone through the transition yet.

BOYLAN: The hard thing is keeping track of all the stuff. It's no wonder that people get confused. We don't have a good vocabulary for talking about this stuff. If you've never thought about this, it just seems like it comes from Mars.

KING: Should there be a different word for male-to-female than female-to-male.

BOYLAN: Well we say transwomen for people like me and transmen for people like our guest. But I think that it's very hard for people to understand.

KING: Isn't your surgery going to be a lot more difficult, T.J.?

JOURIAN: Well there is no point of reference because most people have not gone through both. But from what I understand, from the research that I've done, transmale surgery is a lot more complicated, but at the same token I don't speak of it as an expert because I've not gone through it.

KING: Do you feel totally like a man?

JOURIAN: Yes, completely, 100 percent.


candice said...

i loved how tj handled all of those questions.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know who is really TJ Jourian, have a look here: