Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Conviction" ironically lacking in itself...

I think there are only three or four people actually watching the latest Law & Order spin off, Conviction, so this may not really be relevant. However, in the second episode, this week's that aired Friday night 3/10/06, had a classic transphobic joke in the first five minutes.

Jordan Bridges (pictured) plays a new ADA, Nick Potter, in New York City and this episode he got hazed by his fellow ADAs. The joksters' first prank involved convincing Nick that a line up was to take place that had to consist entirely of "trannies"--i.e. that one of these trannies was the perpetrator of some crime. Unfortunately, they were short one trannie, so the new guy is asked to "dress up" and put a wig on. As Nick emerges with a black dress on, of course, the entire office is there to greet him, laughing. Nick blushes, we cut to a commercial break, and all mention of trannies ends.

A major part of the episode involves a hate crime fag-bashing which is justified when we find out the gay dude was beaten for blackmailing a closeted athlete during their relationship, but I'll let GLAAD handle that shit.

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