Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Campari, "The Secret"

Thanks to Toby for the link to this *facinating* commercial.

Campari group, beverage company that is responsible for dozens of brands, including Skyy Vodka, hired "Radical Media" and the result was an awards winning advertizement that capitalizes on the excitement and titilation of "gender bending". Oh, if only all the coming out moments were like this.

Oh, and if you recognize the music, yep, it's from the orgy scenes in Eyes Wide Shut.

See the video

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alternatives to the stereotypes

Today on pg. 19, Daily News, "Transsexual flipped over will sez mom" (sic) is another stupid article that portrays trans people as criminal derelicts.

However there are alternatives, and people working to change that sterotype with the mainstream. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Sofia Quintero (who also goes as pen name Black Artemis), author of the currently released chica novel, Divas Don't Yield. Quintero was is the subject of the current Gothamist interview, where she mentioned having a trans character in her next book.

When I asked her about the portrayal of her trans character, she said the most risky for her audience is that, "she is the most healthy, happy, normal character in the book." Quintero is an artist and activist who reaches a large audience, and someone to put on your map of allies.