Friday, March 17, 2006

AXE -order of the snakey add campaign

Dear AXE,

You promise to, "Scrub away the shame from a questionable hookup." But can you wash away the flaky damage caused by a fucked up add campaign? Your motto: "clean body clean conscious," doesn't match your questionable website (
AXE promises customers: "No more embarrassment because you woke up next to the bearded lady"
AXE thinks that there is shame in hooking up with female body builders.
If my girl wears axe, will ladies be attracted to her too?

I know where you are going with this, threesome, unfortunately Axe only works for males. But don't get too down, put a little Axe on the next time you go out and women will be competing to please you.

AXE posters poke fun at strong women and your site cracks jokes at the expense of people who don't meet your standards of manliness. Convincing dudes that it is awesome to use shower gel made from an exfoliated blend of cactus oils and desert minerals is a tough job. Why would you promote irresponsible notions about gender and sexuality, likely to offend your key audience-dudes open to using beauty products?

AXE, I have enjoyed your smell on many occasions, so please clean up your act.


Miss. Spees

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